Japanese CAD

Japanese CAD

We have rich knowledge and productivity of residential building CAD work and provide high quality service.

 New & renovation CAD

・Architecture, structure, landscape and construction drawings

・Demonstration drawings, interior and exterior renderings, etc

 Around CAD

・Confirmation application, performance evaluation and completion specification

・Budget, quantity calculation, n value calculation, seismic diagnosis, etc


・ CAM related

・ 3D demonstration video, etc

English CAD

To provide customers with services that can enhance their competitiveness.

 Architectural CAD

・Architectural drawing of single family house

・Architectural drawing of Townhouse

 Master plan

・Master plan modeling

・Master plan update


・Residencial house estimating

・Cabinet scheduling

English CAD
Business support

Business support

We provide services with spirit of sincerely facing our customers.

 Back office

・Data input

・Invoice details and sorting

・Attendance management

・Conference materials production, etc

 Middle office

・Data collection / processing

・Data analysis / reporting

・Estimating (quantity calculation), etc


We provide services for a wide variety of uses and structures, with a focus on non-residential buildings.

 Building Cost Estimate

・Design (exterior/interior), structure, equipment

・Calculation of various quantities, creation of cost estimates by type of work or by part, etc


・Create BIM data for design (exterior/interior), structure, and equipment

・3D modeling, addition of information for cost integration, database management, etc

Enterprise Accounting
Software Development

Design Consulting

In order to promote decarbonization in China, we provide services related to the promotion of wooden buildings.

 Wooden Building Design Consulting

・Providing design proposals, scheme designs, construction method proposals, and material proposals

   (Detached houses, condominiums, nursing facilities, offices, resort hotels, sales centers, etc.)

・Introduce specialized contractors related to wooden construction

 LCA Calculation

・Calculation of embodied carbon and environmental impact performance of buildings

・Evaluation of calculation results, preparation of considerations, report creation, etc

Animation Videos

We provide animation video services that overcome the constraints of time and location and convey a realistic sense of presence and space to our  customers.

● Animation Videos

・Detached houses, condominiums, rentals, commercial facilities, etc

・Conveying the appeal of architecture and design intent, realizing a multifaceted visual experience

● Renderings

・Providing interior/exterior/landscaping renderings and virtual walkthrough 

・Express the texture of materials, convey the charm of design, and realize the beauty of real space

Videos Content Production

Learning Management System(New product)

Learning Management System(New product)

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