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Company Name Dalian Sumirin Information Technology Service Co., Ltd.
Address 2nd floor, No. 3 Hui xian yuan, Dalian High-tech Zone, Liaoning, China
Founded 2005/9/6
Paid-in Capital 100 million yen (100% contribution from Sumitomo Forestry)
Representative President and Chief Executive Officer, Shiro Hashizume 
Number of employees

193(As of Dec. 31, 2020)

Business Scope BPO,Software Development,Manufacture of Videos Courseware
Major Business Areas Japan, Australia, USA, China, Singapore, Indonesia, etc




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To Be The Most Helpful Company For Customers.















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News Releases

2022 04-25

iD Reading Culture Event Ends

In September 2020, we established our corporate culture "iD Reading Culture" and established a reading committee to help employees develop reading habits.
2022 03-28

Release of BAT beginner's edition

The beginner's edition of BAT (Basic Abilities Training), in LMS (Learning Management System) created by our company, is scheduled to be released on April 1st.
2022 02-28

LMS promotion video released

We have released a promotional video introducing the products of the LMS (Learning Management System).
2022 01-27

LMS Official Release

The LMS (Learning Management System) independently developed by the company in 2021 was released as scheduled on January 11.
2022 12-27

2021 year-end party | Never forget why we started

On Thursday, December 23, 2021, we held a year-end party for 2021.
2021 11-19

Occupational safety and health / quality posters posted in-house

This poster describes the policies of "SAFETY FIRST" and "ZERO DEFECTS"
2021 10-28

Emergency contact network transmission training

In October 2021, we will conduct the first emergency contact training.
2021 09-27

Participated in a fire drill

On September 24, 2021, we participated in an annual fire drill sponsored by the Industrial Park.
2021 08-20

Health courses

We referred to the contents of the health LIVE seminar held by the parent company Sumitomo Forestry, and developed in-house health courses by General Affairs and Personnel Department.
2021 07-27

July is Manners Improvement Month

In order to create a work environment where everyone can work comfortably, we will refer to the manners improvement activities of the parent company Sumitomo Forestry, and from this year we will specify "manner improvement month".





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