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Company Name Dalian Sumirin Information Technology Service Co., Ltd.
Address 2nd floor, No. 3 Hui xian yuan, Dalian High-tech Zone, Liaoning, China
Founded 2005/9/6
Paid-in Capital 100 million yen (100% contribution from Sumitomo Forestry)
Representative Chairman Shiro Hashizume/General Manager Peipei Song
Number of employees

199(As of January 2024)

Business Contents ・Residential architectural drawings/structural drawings services, cost estimation services
・Non-residential cost estimation and BIM services
・Back office/middle office services
・Wooden structure design consulting service
Major Business Areas Japan, Australia, USA, China, Singapore, Indonesia, etc




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News Releases

2024 04-27

Upgrade to “Autonomous Human Resources” fostering organization

The social environment surrounding companies is undergoing significant changes due to the global economic uncertainty, digital transformation, and diversification of customer needs.
2024 03-29

Customers from a Chinese company visited

On March 8th, the TREEZO group, whose head office is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, visited our company and inspected the conditions of our various kinds of businesses. We also exchanged many significant opinions regarding our company's new wooden construction business in China.
2024 02-29

Many customers visited our company.

In relation to this new business initiative, we have welcomed many customers from Japan since the beginning of the year.
2024 01-31

Realizing Localization of Management from January 2024

Our company was established in September 2005, and this year marks our 19th anniversary. Since its establishment, the General Manager has been appointed by the parent company Sumitomo Forestry as a resident in Dalian, China. With the organizational change effective from January 1, 2024, we have appointed a local employee, achieving the localization of management for the first time.
2023 12-27

Outstanding Employees Embark on Overseas Training in Japan

Starting from December 6th, nearly 20 outstanding employees of the year have been divided into two groups to embark on overseas training in Japan.
2023 11-30

2023 Emergency communication network transmission training was held

On Sunday, November 26th, we held our 2023 emergency communication network training.
2023 10-31

The 33rd Dalian Marathon event was held!!

​​​​​​​The "33rd Dalian Marathon" kicked off on October 15th in the Donggang Business District of Dalian City.
2023 09-27

A technician from an Australian home builder visited our company for technical guidance

From September 13th to September 22nd, a technician from an Australian home builder visited our company to conduct technical training for our employees.
2023 08-23

Representatives from YKK AP lnc. visited our company.

On August 11th, Mr. Miyahara, Senior Executive Officer of the Housing Division at YKK AP lnc. along with a group of four individuals, visited our company.
2023 07-24

Efficiency Improvement of New Employee Training through Video-based Training on housing basic knowledge and More!!

We will be conducting professional training for new employees, focusing on the necessary knowledge and skills required for their roles.





2nd floor, No. 3 Hui xian yuan, Dalian High-tech Zone, Liaoning, China

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